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02/11/2015 Patrick Ph Please consider this a request for records maintained by the Delaware Public Service Commission (DEP Pending Pay Now
2014-00514-FA 12/23/2014 Patricia G 861 Silver Lake Blvd Dover Delaware 19904 USA testing payment gateway Success Pay Now
03/25/2015 ErikaL Sch Delaware Electric Supply Choice Enrollment Information Reports which show the number and classificat Pending Pay Now
12/16/2014 Kirsten Hi Tidewater Utilities, Inc. 1100 South Little Creek Road Dover Delaware 19901 USA On behalf of Tidewater Utilities, Inc. I would like to request a copy of Artesian Water Company's wa Pending Pay Now
06/16/2015 Test FOIA test Dover Delaware 19901 USA test foia Pending Pay Now
06/18/2015 Patricia G test Dover Delaware 19904 USA test Pending Pay Now
10/22/2014 Pam Schele In reference to 14-FOIA-2 submitted on 9/17/14. I'm looking for some follow up to my request letting Pending Pay Now
2015-00576-FA 01/28/2015 Patricia G 861 Silver Lake Blvd Dover Delaware 19904 USA Testing ACH payment gateway. Success Pay Now